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Anuska Sharma
Anuska SharmaWeb Developer - Bdthemes Ltd
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Cory Anderson
Cory AndersonWeb Developer - Bdthemes Ltd
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Monalisa Koirala
Monalisa KoiralaWeb Developer - Bdthemes Ltd
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Brendon Maccullam
Brendon MaccullamWeb Developer - Bdthemes Ltd
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Robin Peterson
Robin PetersonWeb Developer - Bdthemes Ltd
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Ayesa Takiya
Ayesa TakiyaWeb Developer - Bdthemes Ltd


We have done more than 5 projects with Redback Software Solutions and did not have any single problem with them. The entire Redback Software Solutions team is very responsive, knowledgeable, reliable and hard working. We are happy to work with them and looking for work with them again in future
Krystal Manry
I am very satisfied with the services of Redback Software Solutions. The Redback Software Solutions team is honest, dependable, professional and extremely talented. They have been able to meet and exceed our expectations. Our experience with Redback Software Solutions is excellent I recommend them to any other company
James Rodriguez
The Redback Software Solutions team is amazing in the way they handled the project. They are very professional and understand the concept very well. So I defiantly recommend any one to work with Redback Software Solutions
Shara Khan
I am writing to give you some feedback about the current mobile app development called Oincs. Up to now, I would like to recognize the good work did by your team. All of you, in your different areas, are very professionals and hard workers. We are happy to work with you. Hope we continue in this way until the end of this development.
Arch Villain
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