Software Development

Software Development

Organizations from around the world have come to rely on the creative team at Redback for all their software development needs. As a premiere software development company based in India, we offer a massive talent pool of software designers, engineers and developers to our customers.

We begin by consulting with you to determine your project’s requirements. Once we have established milestones for the development process, our team of experts builds a working prototype. After reviews, verification and rigorous testing, we provide you with the finished product.

Our partnership doesn’t end there, however. We offer marketing services to help you get the best return on investment for your application. Redback will also stay in touch with you to create future iterations of your software as needed, as well as assist you with your upcoming projects.

Initial Consultation

Whether this is your first time working with a software development in India or if you have already completed some outsourced projects, we’d like to introduce you to our process, beginning with the initial consultation.

If you’re not coming in for a face-to-face meeting, we can communicate with our customers via phone and video chat as well as by email and text messaging, according to your preferences. Our team members are fluent in English and guarantee fast response times for all your inquiries on the status of your project.

When you outsource software development with Redback, you tap into a brain trust of highly knowledgeable professionals with years of experience getting projects done right the first time, on time and within the established budget.

We’ll begin by defining your business problem, and then will identify your objectives for the software to be developed. We take into consideration the needs and desires of your various stakeholders as we flesh out the scope of the project.

Getting Started

  • First, we assemble a crack project team to focus on your software project.
  • To implement your software, we receive all the required information from you.
  • The team leader devises a strategy to execute the project and establishes communications with your organization so you will always be kept in the loop.
  • We set up a customized outsourcing process to meet your particular needs, and then we begin to execute the project.
  • Our team reviews the deliverables and checks for any aspects of the application that need to be improved or otherwise adjusted to meet your requirements.

Determining Your Project’s Requirement Milestones

To implement your project , certain requirements must be met:

  • Approve a vision statement
  • Establish priorities
  • Acquire and manage information coming from your organization for the project
  • Conduct risk analysis or a feasibility study per your requirements
  • Identify your non-functional and functional requirements
  • Determine your needs for performance, security and safety
  • Obtain stakeholder buy-in and receive final approval of all validated requirements
  • Set up project tracking to monitor any customer-mandated changes

Working Prototype

The team at Redback finds that quickly developing a working prototype is crucial to the development process. The prototype helps us identify if your stakeholders have any more requirements that need to be integrated into the design. Prototyping also helps reduce design errors, especially in the critical user interface and navigation.

Constructing a System

We will select the most appropriate architecture for your software, develop an excellent design and then properly present this design to you for approval.

Redback’s team is well versed in the latest industry standards for software architecture and follows best practices. We’ve found that fewer errors arise when we begin with a properly structure system. Our use of the Agile method ensures that we can respond rapidly to any shifting requirements on your project.

Protocols for Reviewing and Verifying Software

Ideally, your software design company will establish protocols to prevent errors ahead of time rather than working to remove errors after the fact. Our team has the experience and background to reduce the time required to build software as well as to quickly fix any problems that might arise.

Rigorous Testing

We focus relentlessly on quality assurance. From setting up test cases for your particular application to random tests and bug elimination sessions, our top-notch team is always testing your software to ensure the highest level of quality.

Project Progress Tracking

You can rest assured that our team leaders will stay on top of your project’s progress, adjusting our processes in a feedback loop as we manage the software development, its configuration and any changes to your requirements. Quality assurance and management of defects throughout development ensure that your final project will be bug-free and optimized for your target user base.

Valueshore Program

Our Valueshore model brings enhanced value to our clients seeking the best return on their investment by outsourcing software development. The main benefits of Valueshore include access to the best and brightest application designers and programmers India has to offer, fast turnaround and vigorous quality assurance.

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