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Build exceptional websites and applications with HTML5 and CSS3:

HTML5 is a core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. As of October 2014 this is the final and complete fifth revision of the HTML standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Its core aims have been to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices (web browsers, parsers, etc.) In recent times, business seeking functional website on smartphone platform are looking forward to HTML5 in order to make the most out of HTML5 as their markup language.

CSS3 is the latest version of the CSS specification. Simply put, CSS3 enhances appearance of the website by offering enhanced suppleness in the arrangement of internet site content. The term “CSS3” is not just a reference to the new features in CSS, but the third level in the progress of the CSS specification. CSS3 contains just about everything that’s included in CSS2. It also adds new features to help developers solve a number of problems without the need for non-semantic markup, complex scripting, or extra images.

Why should businesses consider HTML5 and CSS3 for web development?

HTML5 provides niche and effective web development with flexibility for updates, allowing multiple devices functionality.

  • The unique and impressive features HTML5 comes with are in the multimedia department.
  • New features in HTML5 include specific functions for embedding graphics, audio, video, and interactive documents.
  • Many of the features it comes with have been created with the consideration that users should be able to run heavy content on low-powered devices.
  • New elements also allows you to define sections of your Web page using new tags.
  • CSS3 suggests some thrilling novel characteristics to improve the manifestation of a site.
  • CSS3 allows you to include design elements like drop shadows, gradients and rounded-corners in a forward-thinking manner that leads to so many benefits
  • It leads to clean markup that is accessible to humans and machines, maintainable code, fewer extraneous images, and faster loading pages.

Redback Software Solutions offers end-to-end .NET Web Application Development Solutions:

Redback Software Solutions has an extensive experience in dealing with some of the latest HTML5 technologies. Our skilled developers are well-versed with the core web and app development processes considering this fifth generation coding language. Hence, it has helped us to deliver niche websites and applications that are integrated with an array of features that includes, video integration, and other enhanced complex interactions followed by better compatibility with tablets and smartphone.

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Why Choose Redback Software Solutions for your HTML5 & CSS3 Web Application Development Project ?

Redback Software Solutions with its hands on experience provides expert web solutions to its clients since more than half a decade. Till date we have helped a multitude of businesses to acquire a competitive edge by developing interactive apps with ingenious UI and UX in addition to mobile friendly delivery with the help of HTML5. Our team of HTML5 experts are well-equipped to provide end-to-end web solutions with on-time delivery within budget. With that, Redback Software Solutions brings its ingenious outsourcing model to the table that further enhances our services with elements like quality, speed, responsiveness, scalability and consistency while delivering development services.

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At Redback Softwares, we equip our proficient web development team with suitable Internet technologies and tools that help them in carrying out effective planning and follow the rigorous development process in order to meet the client requirements.

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