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The technological advancement all over has for a fact changed the ways we interact with our world, even in the most conventional ways. When it comes to education, to imagine something like an e-learning module or a virtual classroom, two decades back was impossible. It only leaves us to ponder, what the unlimited possibilities; the future has in store for the sector.

We have always kept an eye on the tech that can change how the world behaves thus eCommerce has been a forte at Redback Software Solutions. Going forward, we focus primarily upon the areas which will be the most important for the industry.

Focus Areas

With keen observation we at Redback Software Solutions have zeroed on a few important factors to focus upon.

The reach of technology has given us the ability to integrate all the stake holders involved in the process. From teachers, students to parents we are looking at an end to end collaboration. With the internet getting a medium to become social day per day, this can be a way to put this potential of technology into good use.

Using technology as a medium, the reach of everything has increased infinitely. We talk of the world as a global village and the increasing popularity of e-learning and virtual classrooms, the global village would not be void of a global university soon.

At one end technology gives the independence to connect with anybody and everybody, on the other hand it presents a serious threat of data theft and proliferation. At the local level, this can be a grave threat, keeping in mind the intellectual property any institution possesses. Hence when it comes to technology as well, independence and regulations go hand in hand.

Our Expertise

  • Data Warehousing

  • Content Managemet System

  • Data Security & Access Management

  • Cloud Integration

  • Legacy Solutions

  • Inventory Management

  • Marketing Solutions

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Staff scheduling

  • CRM

  • Accounting and Financials

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Revenue Management System

  • Attendance Management System

  • Skill Management

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At Redback Softwares, we equip our proficient web development team with suitable Internet technologies and tools that help them in carrying out effective planning and follow the rigorous development process in order to meet the client requirements.

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