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Healthcare industry is an organized provision of medical care to serve individuals or a community. The role and the criticalness of healthcare software solutions in the quality of social welfare in today’s society have been widely well recognized by competitive healthcare organizations. Between decreasing bottom lines and increasing costs, the respective industry is currently addressed with a series of challenges. Nevertheless, the advent of eHealth solutions; a term that has been recently named for healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication, is turning out to be one emerging playground for all the health professionals and contributors.

With the emergence of electronic/digital processes in Health, like health mobile applications widely known as mhealth solutions, quality health organizations are now affirmatively seeking advanced healthcare software solutions that can systematize processes; from remote health monitoring, staff scheduling to maintaining medical records. It can be derived that anticipating the acceptance of smarter operations on a larger scale in the healthcare scenario, can bring forth even more competitive operations and productive solutions in the near future.

Focus Areas

Redback Software Solutions’s team of subject matter experts have closely studied the challenges faced by healthcare providers. The professionals at Redback Software Solutions are determined to help the providers achieve growth and profitability through effective solutions, resulting in improved operational performance and lower costs in these specific medical areas.

The role of web portals or better say social media platforms have been groundbreaking across major industries, and healthcare industry is slowly yet steadily experiencing the benefits of the same. These thriving web platforms are no less than a medium to reach out to maximum number of people, in order to educate them on various health issues and spread healthcare awareness.

Considering the smartphones and other large screen devices, they have opened doors of opportunities and possibilities for doctors and hospitals and private clinics to come up with innovative apps that streamline the internal administrative processes and serve optimized medical practices. These apps are capable of decreasing the cost of medical errors, improving patient’s safety by educating the hospital staff and making the offices eco-friendly by going paperless.

Also, with the technology meeting the medicine in the recent times, the juncture has brought Telemedicine into existence. This has brought the doctor’s closer to the patient through smart devices and Apps, wherein the patients can communicate with physicians or can be monitored through the internet. This implies that more than 20% of in-office visits could be eliminated.

Redback Software Solutions sees a wide scope of opportunities in conceptualizing apps that can provide end to end information regarding hospitals offering speciality services, educating the general mass on Diseases, Diagnosis methods and medical awareness.

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  • CRM

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  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

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